Monday, April 9, 2012

An Emmaus Road Blessing... based on Luke 24:12-31

In my email this week came an invitation from Amazon to buy the new "Voice" tranlation of the Bible. It was pitched as a new book from Leonard Sweet, which of course grabbed my attention. I went to the website for the Bible and came across a couple of video presentations of "The Voice" on which was apt for the Easter season was of Luke 24:13-31 the Emmaus road encounter. While I was sad that it finished at verse 31 and did not include the wonderful ending to the narrative that the two disciples went back to Jerusalem to shar ethe great news that Christ is risen, I did like the way it told the story... Both the words which made me want to read more of this version and also the video itself. 

In particular I liked the narrator being a women. Often we see sciurpture in a male voice, but Luke in particular tells woemens stories and the ressrection story ios one which is told by the women... first.

Any way here is the video clip (which I will be using on Sunday)

 and the blessing that it and the passage inspired me to write for Sunday. Once again please feel free to use anything I write... blessings.

May the risen Christ meet you on the road,

Lead you into all truth,

Guide you on your path.

May the risen Christ feed and sustain you,

Fill you with his presence,

Equip you by his Spirit.

May the Risen Christ go with you today,

Be with you through this week,

May you dwell with Christ forever

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  1. Could have used that on Sunday night.

    Instead I adapted 'An Ignatian Meditation of the Road to Emmaus' from the Moot Pocket Litugies

    Also used bits of 'Raised in Leeds' and this video 'Holes of Happiness'