Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Good Friday Prayer (longer and a bit more formal)

While I'm posting liturgy for Good Friday here is another longer more formal prayer for Good Friday and the image is the resting image from our Good Friday Service this year.

Just and righteous God, full of mercy and love

We come today to thank you for what you have done for us

You created us

You made is in your own Image

Capable of love and creativity that reflect your own

You made us to have companionship with you

 To know you and to love you

You did not give up on us when we turned away from you

You continued to care

To speak and show us your love

To call us back to following your way

You sent your son Jesus into the world

The word become flesh

The light that shines in the dark came to us

He showed us who you are

He gave forgiveness to the sinner

Healing and wholeness to the sick

Acceptance and hope to the lost

Good news to the poor

Yet today we remember Jesus death on the cross

That the prince of life was willing to die for us

His loving hands cruelly nailed to rough wood

Jesus who had done no wrong took our sin

Jesus the eternal one carried it to death

In this event there is hope for us

That what we have done wrong can be forgiven

That we can have a clean slate and a new start

New life in Christ

We therefore confess our sin to you,

AS a race created in your image we have been capable of great good

Yet we have also turned ourselves to acts of darkness and great evil

Hatred, fear and greed have lead to violence murder and even genocide

Some of us have become so consumed with getting more than our share

That we have become deaf and blind to the plight of the poor and starving in our world

We plunder your good creation with little thought of tomorrow to fuel our own desire for more rather than caring for your great gift of this planet

Individually we have done what we should not do and left undone what we should do.

We have followed our own ways not yours

We have not loved others as you loved us

In the face of hatred, violence and evil

We have been silent when we should have spoken

We have been still when we should have acted.

Father God we ask that you would forgive us for this

This is the great truth of the scripture, The wonder of the cross

That as we have confessed our sin God is faithful and just and forgives us our sin and bids us to go and sin no more

Today we remember the death of Jesus

But not as a group forlornly grieving over a long dead leader

Rather with eyes that look back from beyond the wonder of the resurrection

Knowing that Jesus who died on the cross has been risen from the dead

That he is alive and with us today

We pray O Lord that you might fill us with your spirit

That we might live for you

Empowered to share you love

To your glory Father, Son and Holy Spirit Amen

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