Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Prayer of Thanksgiving and Confession. God's goodness and grace even in the light of our ups and downs

Lord God

God of the light and the dark

Day and the night

Creator of Immense galaxy swirl

And delicate fern furl

God of the peaceful calm and the raging storm

God in plentiful times and God when it’s all lean and gone

When we are empty and when life is full

We praise you for your goodness and your greatness.

Our circumstances dictate our emotions and sometimes Hallelujah is the word furthest from our lips

Praise you and thank you are the furthest from our minds

Yet when we stop and remember we know that you have showered us with your blessings and grace

The world You made, in all its beauty and complexity

Each of us with our uniqueness you put together in our mother’s womb

We were lost and dead in our sins

Yet to you were treasured and missing

So you sent us a shepherd to seek us out

Your son Jesus full of mercy and grace

Not to chastise and to brow beat

Not and idol of wood or metal

But a real human being real flesh, blood bone and skin

Who gave up his life for us

Paid the penalty for all our sin

Jesus invites us to journey following him

Eat with you abide with you 

To be filled with your spirits presence

To come live at your place when our wandering is through   

From first to last

We are truly blessed

Forgive us our sins lord

Our pride in the face of your humility

Our unlove in the light of your love

Our unforgiving when you have forgiven us

Our wanting more in the midst of your freely giving

People hear the wonderful good news

As we confess our sins God is faithful and just and forgives us our sins and cleanses us of all wrongdoing

God fill us a fresh with you spirit leas us into all truth

Enable us to love and to bless with a Christlike love

And live to the glory of God: Father, Son and Spirit


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