Sunday, April 1, 2012

Prayer Palm Sunday... Psalm 107 and God is great and good.

This is my prayer of thanksgiving and confession from Palm Sunday this year. It does not follow all the themes usually associated with palm Sunday... alot of the imagry comes from Psalm 107.

Hosanna in the highest

Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord

Father God

You have shown us your great love

Kindness that we did not deserve,

You are great and good

Worthy of all praise

You are great

You are eternal and have no beginning or end

You are Creator of all that there is

You are Transcendent, beyond all comprehension

Yet you are Imminent, closer than any friend

We praise you, O God, because you are good

You are just in all you do; there are no tricks from you

You are righteous, there is no dark side waiting to pounce

You are full of compassion, who are we that you should love us but you do.

You sent your son to live amongst us and he showed us your way

In Jesus death and resurrection we have found new life

Life that flows from your spirits presence

We were in a dry desert, our souls parched

You reach out for us and your Spirit’s River flowed

It was dark and there was no light to guide us

Yet you shone your light and we see our way home to you

We were sick to our very core in sin

You came with your healing hand and made us well

We were floundering at sea, going down into the depths

You pulled us out and set us on solid ground

We come to you this morning dependant on your grace,

We praise you and pray you would forgive us for all that we have done wrong

Lord you are constant, but we are not we fall away

One day it hosanna  the next it might as well be crucify him 

You are all loving but we don’t always love as we should 

You are full of kindness and grace, but we bear grudges and hold insults and hurts against others

You call people to you, but we push people away and shun those who are not like us.

You are all seeing we turn blind eyes to injustice, hate and need

We have done what we should not and left undone what we should

Father God we are sorry and we pray you would forgive us. 

Thank you that as we confess our sins you are faithful and just and forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

Lord God we are so grateful

We give you praise Father Son and Holy Spirit

You restored us to your self and to wholeness

We pray that you would pour out your Spirit afresh

That we may present ourselves as a  living sacrifice

In us you may bring glory to your name

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