Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Prayer of Thanks Giving ...Christmas eve

Loving and righteous God

In the stillness of this night we come together to praise you for all that you are and all that you have done.

We come to give your praise for the wonderful gift of your son Jesus Christ whose birth we celebrate. In whose life we have found hope.


We praise you that you are light and that you have chosen to shine your light into our darkness.

We thank you for the distant light of stars, that have guided people through the ages, that declared the birth of Jesus to those who were far off.

WE thank you for the wondrous light of home, welcoming us and providing warmth and security.

For family and friends who form such an important  part of this festive season.

We thank you for the light your people have shown into the darkest places of our world this year. For people of compassion,
people of peace,
people of justice
and people of mercy that reflects your own.

We thank you mostly for your son Jesus Christ

Born of the Virgin Mary He lived amongst us, was acquainted with our grief and sorrow , joined his voice in our celebrations and knew our joy

He healed the sick and forgave the sinner welcomed the outcast and cared for the poor and told us of your love

Dying on the cross he paid the price for athat we had done wrong

Being raised to life again he has made a way for us to come to know abundant and eternal life with you as our heavenly father

We praise you that he is now at your right hand and will come again to bring peace and justice.


When we remember what you have done for us we pray that you would forgive us for the things we have done wrong and the good that we have left undone

That we have not loved as you have loved

That we have preferred our darkness to your light

Forgive us we pray O Lord


Fill us afresh with your spirit this Christmas

That we might know your son in a new way

That we may show the love you have for us to those around us

That we might know the truth, and live as you told us to.

To the glory of God Father Son and Holy Spirit Amen

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