Monday, December 10, 2012

Blessing for a Kid's Christmas Play and Sunday School break up.

In the southern hemisphere Christmas co-insides with our Summer holidays (the above image is a very Kiwi Christmas one... Our native Christmas tree the pohutukawa in flower at a sun drenched beach) and end of school year... So when we have a kids Christmas pageant it's usually also the end of the Sunday School or Kid's ministry for the year. So I wanted to finish the service on Sunday with a blessing that captured that... He it is... It went down quite well... My wife (and most honest critic) Kris said that it was good... when we said it together in church she didn't notice the 'real cheesy' rhyming.

Christ be with you

As the end of the year draws near

When the holidays are here

Christ be with you

In the midst of Christmas celebrations

Rejoicing with friends and relations

Christ be with you

If you’re staying put this year

Or you’re off somewhere

Christ be with

Christ bless and keep you

Christ lead and guide  you

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