Friday, December 28, 2012

All Peopled Out... First Week of Holiday Blues...

I have three weeks off after Christmas puts me in an interesting dilemma. It's a very social time of the year. My family have all had time off before Christmas to rest and recuperate from school, university and holiday jobs.... they are rearing to go and wanting to socialise with my wife's family, catch up with their cousins and all that sort of stuff.

Meanwhile I simply want to head for my cave and sleep for a week. I'm all peopled out by this time of year. Really the only company I want are Tom Clancy and his crew... Jack Ryan and Jack junior, Ding and John Clark and another round of saving the world and Micheal Connolly and his mate Harry Bosch and yet another round of solving the crime.

It's been quite a year a change of job, saying goodbye to what I had hoped would be a successful church plant at a university to doing suburban ministry. My arteries had all blocked up and I've had to have a couple of stents put in. At least I can go for a walk know without wondering if that sudden attack of tiredness and no energy is really the beginning of a heart attack.

I love my family very much and they deserve to have me with them while we do holiday stuff... but hopefully we can compromise and I can just relax disappear into he background read a book and sleep. see you in a few days guys.

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