Thursday, December 6, 2012

Kid's Thanksgiving Prayer... And Stuff Like That

Curekids is a charity in New Zealand that raises money for medical research into childhood deceases. Each year they have a big drive on Red Nose Day. This year they asked the fourth best New Zealand folk group 'The Flight of the Conchords' to write a song. Flight of the Conchords  interviewed Kids and from those interviews wrote a wonderful song called 'Feel Inside (and Stuff Like That)' which they invited top New Zealand musicians to record.

This week at church we are having our Children's Christmas service and I asked the Kids what they were thankful for and from what they told me I've written a prayer that a couple of the kids will do on Sunday. I'm no 'Flight of the Conchord's' I can't see myself winning an Oscar or an Emmy and I definitely don't have their flare for comedy but here is the prayer from what the kids told me... You might just want to be able to use the idea yourself for prayers with kids or even with musicians to write some kids worship songs.

Dear God,

We’ve got so much to say thank you for,

Not for the big stuff, using big words

This morning we want to thank you as Kids

To thank you for the stuff in our world


Thanks for families

Our parents,… even our brothers and sisters

Grandparents, Cousins, uncles and aunts

The ones we see all the time

The ones we only see now and then


Thanks for pets

For fur and feather, scale and claw

Pups and kittens who want to play

Cats and Dog, budgies, goldfish, rabbits, and lizards

They’re so awesome and special …even rats and mice


Thanks for the things we need

For food; especially the good stuff like candy and chocolate

For shoes, covered and warm in the winter

And shoes, all open and slip-off-able in the summer sun

For houses to live in: more than shelter, a place to call  home


Thanks for the stuff that makes life fun,

For adventures, new challenges, new places and people

For music; that moves our souls and our feet

For the click-ity clack of trains on the track

For weekends, when there’s  no school


Thank you for our church,

For this family to belong too,

For their encouragement and laughter

Their support and help, love and life

Thank you for each one of them


Thank you for life,

For just so many ways you bless us each day

For Christmas coming

For Steph and Beth and all the Sunday Funday crew

Also specially thanks God… for you. 

Oh and just in case you want to hear the Flight of the Conchords here is the YouTube clip... with interviews.

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